THE NOSE….. succeed!!

One idea dawns on Fred, a restless guy when he first moved to California, US. With just one year of climbing experience he decided to climb the world’s famous route  “The Nose” at el Capitan, in Yosemite National Park. So he prepared himself climbing as much as he could over four years. Then he called another restless guy who loved blood and thunder; Sergi.  And that big wall, was blood and thunder on the rock. Across from ocean and land they meant to climb el Capitan, the majesty rock granite wall with 1000 meters steep. They get through an adventure, away from understand what the route will prepare, and what unexpected adversities they would get over. But the goal, the aim, was to climb that piece of stone; and they did. Bleeding their hands, soaring their muscles, storming their minds. They had got thirst, starve, anger, fear and battles that cannot be won without the purpose of proving themselves that there’s no wall mental or physic impassable. The award was not the climb but the effort in it. They where at their best. Back home miserably weak, knocked down by el Capitan. Knowing each others better; knowing themselves much more. Over all, they proof that no bad times or challenges can beat a man if he is determined.

This is what I wrote after climbing “The Nose”, our goal in Yosemite.

It took one day for fix the first 4 pitches and go back to the ground for have a good rest at campground.

Then, 4 days and 3 nights non-stop climbing, cleaning, hauling, sleeping and again, till we get the top.

The time we were getting through on Yosemite, it was a time of changes. So the route was a great physical accomplishment. But the emotional reward, that was indescribable…

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